Two Electronic Library Staff Members Receive Top Awards

June 15, 2005

Tim Logan, director of the Electronic Library, and Anthony Lapes, technology project manager in the Electronic Library, received Outstanding Staff Awards at Baylor's annual service award ceremony on Feb. 16. Eight Baylor staff members were selected for 2004.

The awards are based on exceptional service, dependability, accomplishments, and professional qualities. The recipients are nominated by their peers and recommended by a selection committee.

Logan, who was named director of the Electronic Library by Dean of Libraries Reagan Ramsower in 2002, came to Baylor in 1981 as technical director/lighting designer in the theatre department and moved into the field of computing and technology in 1986. He served as director of the Academic Technology Center from 2000 to 2002.

He holds a B.A. in history from Stanford University and M.F.A. in theatrical design from the University of Texas at Austin. He completed course work in computer science at Baylor from 1983-1989. As director of the Electronic Library, he coordinates campus-wide academic technology services, as well as supporting the online library system (BearCat) and access to electronic academic resources. Logan was the only Baylor staff member receiving the award in the executive/administrative/management category.

Lapes, who also serves as group leader for Classroom Technology Services in the Electronic Library Client Services, has been on the Baylor staff since November of 1990. He holds a B.S. degree in mathematics and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and M.S. in educational psychology from Baylor University.

He and his group provide management and support for over 170 technology classroom systems across campus as well as offering video conferencing services. He received the outstanding staff award in the professional category.

Members of the Baylor Libraries' staff who received service pins at the ceremony included:

Brenda Anderson (Circulation Services - Reserve) - 5 years

Mark Browning (Acquisitions) - 10 years

Martha Edwards (Circulation Services) - 15 years

Lori Evers (Administration) - 20 years

Bill Hair (Administration) - 10 years

Ami Hartsock (Preservation) - 5 years

Martha Hawkins (Circulation Services) - 5 years

Ann Henager (Circulation Services - Reserve) - 5 years

Monte Herridge (Texas Collection) - 5 years

Linda Hogan (Interlibrary Loan) - 5 years

Sue Powers (Acquisitions) - 10 years

Ben Rogers (BCPM) - 15 years

Jimmie Sauer (Circulation Services) - 15 years

Melvin Schuetz (Circulation Services) - 10 years

Naomi Tran (Circulation Services) - 5 years

Darlene Youts (Electronic Library) - 15 years