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Research Spotlight: Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition Creators Highlight Baylor Libraries

Jan. 28, 2020

A recent post on the blog of the Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition ( highlights the ways the Baylor Libraries are utilizing our copy of the Heritage Edition to impact a wide range of audiences while providing numerous opportunities for research.

The Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition blog post from January 23, 2020

The post, which went live on January 23, recounts several stories of how the Libraries are making the Heritage Edition available to audiences including local churches, civic groups, classes, and - in a notable instance that reached some 3,000 people - in sessions of Baylor's Chapel.

"Art Appreciation, Seminary, English, Christian Scriptures, Medieval History and Medical Humanities are a few courses Farwell mentions that have used the Heritage Edition," the post notes. "Professor of Christian Scriptures Stephen B. Reid, Ph.D., has brought his class before The Saint John’s Bible more than once and finds that it intersects vividly with his area of expertise.

"'It reminds us of the way in which the Bible is both word and art,'” Reid says. “'My survey classes always go over to the library and take a look at The Saint John’s Bible to just examine the role of illuminated manuscripts, not only in the past, but even in the 21st century – and how the arc of the illuminated manuscript interprets the text of the manuscript. And so it helps them to start to ask those sorts of questions.'” Last semester, Reid’s students wrote about The Saint John’s Bible as a model of how the Bible is viewed in contemporary culture."

To read the entire post, visit the Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition blog. For more information about the Baylor Libraries' copy of the Heritage Edition, visit the Baylor SJB homepage.