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New Subscription Broadens Access to The New York Times

Dec. 4, 2019

Baylor's new digital subscription to The New York Times enables students, faculty and staff to enjoy free, year-round access to and NYT mobile apps.

To activate your free access, make sure you are connected to the AirBear wireless network or the campus wired network and then follow these steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Follow the simple instructions to activate a personal academic pass.

  3. Download the free NYT apps at visit

Once activated, you will be able to access the digital edition of The New York Times from any location. Faculty and staff will need to renew the pass annually, and student access will expire with the provided graduation date. We encourage you to take advantage of access to The New York Times to enrich your educational experience.

As part of Baylor's subscription, users will be able to share content on social networks, save articles of interest, subscribe to email newsletters and set up personalized alerts.

The NYT mobile apps are not supported on all devices, and Baylor's subscription does not include e-reader editions, Times Insider content or digital versions of The New York Times Crossword. In addition, our subscription provides only select access to The New York Times Archive and does not replace database services available through the Baylor Libraries at

If you have questions about Baylor's new subscription or experience issues while activating the service, please email