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Renovations Underway Throughout the Central Libraries This Summer

April 26, 2019

Numerous renovation and upgrade projects are underway in the Central Libraries over the summer.

Moody Memorial Library

A series of planned renovations to Moody Memorial Library's first floor have begun in advance of major changes to the floor's configuration.

Removal of shelves from book ranges has been completed in advance of more substantial renovations slated to begin after Spring finals.

Final renovations will include new carpet, a "storefront" and other upgrades to the space in order to house the university team leading the implementation of "Ignite," a centralized system that will "simplify and standardize the university's complex processes and supporting technology," according to the Ignite website.

Impacts to Moody library patrons may include increased noise levels and limited access to materials in the affected zones. Patrons are encouraged to inquire at the Moody Information Desk on the first floor for assistance.

Jones Library

Crews have begun stripping the wallpaper from the entirety of Jones Library in advance of a process to smooth, texture and paint the walls.

Prichard Study Commons

Work to replace carpeting in Prichard Study Commons will be complete and the space reopened on May 22.

This story will be updated to reflect current work being done in support of this project.