Name Change Enhances Baylor Library Services

Sept. 1, 2017

The Baylor Libraries announced today that its Electronic Library will go by a new name: Library and Academic Technology Services.

While the functions of the divisions within the former Electronic Library will not change, the new title more accurately expresses the work the divisions accomplish for the Baylor Libraries and the university. "As technologies and processes have changed over the past 16 years, the phrase Electronic Library no longer grasps what we do," said Tim Logan, Associate Vice President for the newly renamed group. "With the continued shift to digital platforms, the definition of 'electronic' in the libraries is now nearly pervasive. Our new name, Library and Academic Technology Services, is more descriptive of our work."

The Electronic Library was created in 2001 with the merger of the Baylor Libraries and Information Technology Services. This new division blended the library systems group from the libraries with the academic technology services group within ITS. "ITS and the Libraries were brought together to take advantage of their synergies as Baylor moved into the 21st century," Logan said. "However, as time has moved forward, the group has added a robust online learning support team, a digitization center and advanced technologies that now shape the business of the libraries and the research and learning that takes place across the university. With these dramatic shifts, a name change was inevitable."

The four groups within Library and Academic Technology Services will continue to provide the same services they have provided for faculty, staff and students at Baylor. The Online Teaching and Learning Services group partners with faculty to create effective online learning experiences. The Learning Spaces and Media Services group supports technologies that foster education and research such as TechPoint, PawPrints and public computing resources across campus. Research Computing and Technology Services implement classroom-based technologies and assist researches with analyzing large data sets using the university's high performance computing resources. Digital Library Services and Systems provide access to online research resources and continue to move our digitization efforts forward.

"I am grateful for the collaborative process the leadership team in the Library and Academic Technology Services group followed as they arrived at this new name. This properly descriptive title will empower each group to continue to provide the highest levels of service within the Baylor Libraries." said John Wilson, interim dean of libraries.

Academic Consultant Tanner Osborn, a member of the Learning Spaces and Media Services group, is a proponent of the shift. "Adopting the new moniker Library and Academic Technology Services allows my team to look beyond PawPrints and traditional computer labs. Those things will still exist, but an academic technology focused learning space should have the freedom to adapt to the needs of the next generation of educators and students instead of boxing them into the typical framework of 5 rows of 8 PCs. I’m excited for the direction my team and my department are heading, and this name change only serves to better communicate our role in academic achievement and digital literacy here at Baylor."

The Baylor Libraries strive to support excellence in teaching and learning, enhance research and discovery, and foster scholarship and success across the Baylor community. This change in title to Library and Academic Technology Services will strengthen the libraries as they continue to support the mission of the university.