TDL Honors Orr for Contributions

June 1, 2017

During its annual conference in Austin, the Texas Digital Library (TDL) honored now retired Baylor University Vice President for Information Technology and Dean of University Libraries Pattie Orr for her leadership in academic libraries and unfailing support of the organization's mission.

Since Orr arrived at Baylor University in 2007, she has worked with TDL leadership to further innovation across the state of Texas in the area of digital scholarship. During her tenure on the TDL board, Orr helped to oversee the implementation of the Texas Digital Repository, their preservation storage architecture, and the implementation of the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) system. She has also served as a technical consultant to the Board, helping them with the technical implementation of several key initiatives.

"Dean Orr has led Baylor's collaboration with TDL since the beginning, and we are truly grateful for her support of Texas' academic libraries," said TDL Executive Director Kristi Park as she presented Orr with the recognition.

Baylor University was one of the initial universities to join the Texas Digital Library when it was founded in 2005. The TDL currently has 22 members whose partnership represents both large and small research institutions across the state of Texas. The consortium provides digital resources, such as preservation storage, technical training, a platform for open source journals, and resources for managing electronic theses and dissertations, that can be used by its member institutions.

During Orr's tenure at Baylor, the university hosted several TDL training sessions and the digital collections of the Baylor Libraries are preserved using preservation storage provided through the consortium.

Orr was honored by the recognition, "Of all of the things I was able to accomplish during my tenure at Baylor, moving its libraries forward on its digital initiatives has been at the forefront. The future of academic libraries is directly tied to its ability to allow researchers worldwide the most immediate access possible to its collections. Digitization is a bridge to this future. My hope is that the Baylor Libraries will continue to lead the way in digitization and curation of its unique collections."

Following Orr's retirement, the Baylor Libraries plan to continue their involvement with TDL not only as members and users of the consortium's resources, but as a leader in the state of Texas in digital initiatives. "The opportunities afforded by our membership in TDL keep us at the forefront of the digital library revolution in the state of Texas," said Eric Ames, Baylor's curator of digital collections and vice chair of the TDL conference planning committee. "This recognition of Pattie's leadership is a fitting tribute to her years of service to Baylor, TDL and the state of Texas."