Library Liaison Services Adopts New Name: Research and Engagement

Jan. 13, 2017

On Jan. 13, 2017, Beth Farwell, Director for the Central Libraries, announced the department formerly known as “Liaison Services” in the Central Libraries is adopting a new name: the Department for Research and Engagement.

This change better reflects the entire scope of work in which the various teams of this department are engaged. Liaison Services by default has captured only the work of our librarians without acknowledging the support and research engagement happening at the five service points within the Central Libraries (Moody Library, Circulation Desk, Moody Exit Desk, Crouch Library and Jones Library).

There is a wide array of innovative partnerships such as services along the various stages of the research lifecycle, collaborative instruction, engaging with special collections, and the strategic development and use of collections and resources.

The new Department for Research and Engagement looks forward to serving and supporting the Baylor community.