Baylor Libraries Join Open Access Publishing Pilot

June 5, 2014

Baylor University Libraries have become charter members in Knowledge Unlatched, an initiative designed to demonstrate the viability of open access models to academic publishing in the humanities and social sciences.

Knowledge Unlatched is a consortium through which libraries support academic publication in a way that benefits publishers, scholars, libraries and researchers. By dividing publication costs among its members, Knowledge Unlatched ensures the payment of a Title Fee to publishers and secures a Creative Commons license for the published work. Once the books or monographs are published, they are distributed to member libraries and made available to their patrons from their online catalogs. The world at large will be able to access these books from the OAPEN Library and HathiTrust. When compared to the current state of academic publication, the economics of this arrangement continues to broaden the sharing of knowledge, which has always been the primary goal of academic publication and libraries.

Over 300 libraries worldwide participated in the pilot launch of Knowledge Unlatched. The Pilot Collection contains 28 new books published by 13 major academic presses. Each title cost member libraries $43.00, which is considerably less than the current cost for scholarly publications in the humanities and social sciences.

The Baylor Libraries is proud to participate in this initiative that enables open access to academic publications and looks forward to the next wave of monographs in the humanities and social sciences available through Knowledge Unlatched.