Baylor Libraries Launch New Research Database

Nov. 11, 2013

The Baylor University Libraries are pleased to announce the official launch of Baylor Archival Repositories Database (BARD), a new research database.

BARD is powered by CuadraStar, a database that is able to manage several different collections and mediums of information. This digital database is a keyword-searchable gateway to find archival research materials in the special collections within the Baylor Libraries, which include The Texas Collection, W.R. Poage Legislative Library and Armstrong Browning Library.

This tool will enable scholars to find collections by subject or author, and to view relationed materials in other collections. BARD will be beneficial to those students accumulating research on historical or cultural topics.

"This opens up extraordinary collections of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Governor Pat Neff, Congressman W.R. Poage, Jules Bledsoe and thousands of other resources not searchable before this acquisition," said John Wilson, Director of The Texas Collection.

As BARD begins to be used by the Baylor community, there will be continual additions of information to the database, ensuring a large collection of resources.

"Eventually, all of the special collections on campus, the W.R. Poage Legislative Library, the Armstrong Browning Library and The Texas Collection will have their archival collections on BARD", Wilson said.

BARD is available for use at or contact a librarian for assistance with the program.