Baylor Alum Donates CFTC Papers to Poage Library

Oct. 16, 2013

Fowler West, Senior Vice President of Mercury, donated a decade's worth of regulatory-related papers from his tenure serving as Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to Baylor University's W.R. Poage Legislative Library.

Fowler's donation to the library includes: speeches he presented, Dissent and Separate Views on cases before the CFTC, pertinent issues of the day heard before the CFTC and other regulatory efforts.

"It is a privilege to donate my personal CFTC papers to my alma mater, Baylor University. The W. R. Poage Library has a great collection of legislative and political materials," West said.

"Fowler West has been involved in Poage Legislative Library since he began raising funds in Washington for the building in the 1970s," said Pattie Orr, Vice President for Information Technology and Dean of Libraries at Baylor. "In the 1990s, he began depositing his personal papers from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He recently sent additional materials. The library is very grateful to have these papers."

Fowler served as commissioner at the CFTC from Oct. 1982 through Jan. 1993. He worked more than 20 years on Capitol Hill, where he served a number of roles including Chief of Staff to former Rep. W. R. Poage of Texas, as well as Staff Director of the House Committee on Agriculture under Poage and his successor Thomas Foley.

"The Poage Library houses materials from a growing number of Federal and State Legislators and public officials," West added. "It is becoming a one of a kind resource for historic and political information, spanning many decades of political service and history. Mr. Poage spent his last years at the Poage Library, working to ensure it would be a great place for students and other researchers."