Texas Collection Gets Research Ready

May 23, 2012

In the most recent post in "Blogging About Texas," University Archivist Amanda Keys Norman announced the introduction of a new monthly post called "Research Ready."

The monthly blog entry aims to keep researchers informed about new collections that have been recently processed and are now available for viewing and research.

"We're working hard on making our records more organized and accessible for researchers," Norman said. "But if researchers don't know those records exist, they can't benefit from them."

In addition to listing the names of the new collections, "Research Ready" features links to the collections' finding aids, or the documents that serve as a table of contents of sorts for potential researchers. Viewers can use these finding aids to quickly discern whether the contents of the particular collection will contribute to their research. Often times the blog will also include digital copies of photos in the collections to give viewers a visual taste of what the collections include.

Norman hopes the monthly blog updates and linked finding aids will work in conjunction with The Texas Collection's other social media outlets to encourage both academic researchers and intrigued viewers alike to check out The Texas Collection.

"The Internet is a great way to reach out to and engage with audiences who might not be able to come visit The Texas Collection in person but can learn more about our holdings remotely," she said. "Or maybe they'll decide that their research won't be complete without a visit to The Texas Collection!"

Those interested can subscribe to the "Research Ready" blog updates along with The Texas Collection's other posts at blogs.baylor.edu/texascollection.