Baylor Libraries Support Digital Learning

Feb. 1, 2012

As part of a nationwide campaign to encourage the use of technology and digital tools in education, the Baylor University Libraries show their support of Digital Learning Day by highlighting the following ways that technology is integrated into our efforts to enhance learning at Baylor University:

  • Providing computer labs & software -Baylor Libraries support student use of technology by making computers and laptops, outfitted with a variety of the latest software, available for use to students. This gives students the opportunity to use sophisticated software packages, such as the Adobe Creative Suite and SPSS, to enhance their learning.
  • BearCat Plus - BearCat Plus, Baylor's online catalog system, allows students, faculty and staff to search and access a large number of materials online. BearCat Plus uses search terms to scour over five million items for books, periodicals, maps, Baylor's digitized resources, research guides, articles, and more.
  • Digital Collections - The Electronic Library of Baylor University curates and hosts many digital collections that facilitate student learning online. Collections such as the "War of the Rebellion Atlas" and the "Institute for Oral History" contain large amounts of data that can aid in research for subjects like the Civil War, Baylor history, Waco history, and general information spanning back to the 1860s. All digital collections are fully searchable and provide rich images and descriptions.

Baylor University Libraries will continue to pursue new ways of integrating technology into their efforts of assisting and educating students and celebrating digital learning in the future.