Baylor University Libraries seek to reach out with VGo

Nov. 19, 2011

The Baylor University Libraries and the Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN) presented "Reading, Writing and Robots: Using Remote Control Video Conferencing for Instructional Enrichment" at the 2011 Greater Waco Community Education Alliance conference at the Waco Convention Center on Thursday, November 19, 2011. The presentation imagined the possibility of using a VGo Communications mobile videoconferencing unit to bring educational resources from the Baylor University Libraries to schoolchildren across the state of Texas.

An electric crowd of educational leaders watched as Tim Logan, Assistant Vice President of the Electronic Library, navigated a VGo unit around the Convention Center. Using the VGo, those attending the session engaged conference attendees, demonstrating the possibility of teachers and students using the robot to navigate the Armstrong Browning Library or other library facilities. Working with representatives from the Region 12 Education Resource Center and TETN, the Baylor University Libraries look forward to providing engaging content to enrich our education system. Click here to see pictures of the VGo in action at the conference session.

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Watch a video of the VGo in action, here.