Libraries to Host TEMA XXI "Coming of Age"

Sept. 26, 2011

Baylor University Libraries will host the 21st Annual Meeting of the Texas Medieval Association (TEMA) Friday, September 30 - Sunday October 1.

The general theme of the meeting, "Coming of Age," recognizes the 21 year history of TEMA itself and will welcome John J. Contreni, Professor of History at Purdue University and Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America, as the Friday plenary speaker. Dr. Contreni will deliver the plenary "David Letterman Meets the Crusades" at Armstrong Browning Library.

TEMA will also welcome Martha G. Newman, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies and Associate Professor of History at The University of Texas, as the Saturday plenary speaker. Dr. Newman will deliver "Constructing a sacred geography: Cistercian visions of heaven and hell" at Jesse H. Jones Library.

For more information about TEMA and the "Coming of Age" meeting, click here.