Special Collection Procedures

Liaisons and subjects
  • Art or Artists' Books = Sha Towers
  • Baptist archives = Kathy Hillman
  • Business = Carol Schuetz
  • Literature = Janet Sheets
  • History = Eileen Bentsen
  • Music = Clayton Crenshaw
  • Religion = John Bales
  • Science = Christina Chan
Appointment checklist
  1. Check Rare Collections folder in Outlook daily for requests
    • Patron requests and forms will all be submitted to this folder
    • If there is a question, or request for additional support or teaching; forward request to the appropriate liaison, or to Beth Farwell
  2. Prep work for appointment request:
    • Patron fills out online request form (if they cannot fill it out, staff should fill out)
    • Send patron an email with appointment time and link to Instructions for use form
    • Once appointment is confirmed, schedule appointment in Riley Reading Room, include staff member monitoring appointment so it shows in their calendar
    • Print appointment request and instruction for use form submitted by patron. (not sure when to delete from public folder?)
    • Print staff use "Instruction for use" form for appointment
  3. Appointment workflow:
    • A few minutes prior to appointment, pull material and bring printed forms
    • At appointment, log patron’s i.d. information on “use” form
    • Make sure to check material for good condition prior to completion of appointment
    • After appointment, return materials
    • After return of materials – give forms to Beth Farwell to log in LibAnswers to keep statistics