Library Van Use Policy


The library van is scheduled by Access Services. Access Services will have first priority for van use. Use by other units will have to fit within times when the van is not scheduled for use by Access Services. Furthermore, the library van is not available for out-of-town trips.


Access Services needs reliable access to the van on a daily basis for OsoFast delivery to downtown locations, frequent trips to O’Grady, and other deliveries to locations which are not accessible with the golf cart. The age and condition of the van have also been a consideration in making this change.


  • Request use of the library van through Outlook. Access Services will only approve requests which are for local use and for times when the van is not reserved for Access Services.

  • For other in-town van needs, contact the Administrative Office. A van from other groups on campus with vans may be available.

  • For out-of-town trips or other transportation needs that cannot be met with University-owned vehicles, contact the Administrative Office to arrange for a rental from Enterprise. Note that this expense will need to be approved in advance as a travel expense.

Effective 21 Feb 2011

Amended 1 Nov 2012