E-book Policy (Baylor Libraries, Bibliographic Access Unit)

Definition of e-book:

  1. “An e-book is a digital object with textual and/or other content, which arises as a result of integrating the familiar concept of a book with features that can be provided in an electronic environment.
  2. E-books, typically have in-use features such search and cross reference functions, hypertext links, bookmarks, annotations, highlights, multimedia objects and interactive tools.”[1]


Bib Access defines three e-book categories.


  1. E-book collections that have MARC record sets available,

    1. For example, WorldCat Collection Sets or sets from an e-book vendor.
    2. To alert Bib Access of new MARC record collection sets, please use the Vendor MARC Records Availability Form.
    3. A Bib Access member will evaluate the sample records to see if they are of sufficient quality. If they are,
      1. Free records will be loaded into OneSearch.
      2. Records for purchase will be recommended for procurement.

  2. E-Book databases/websites for which MARC record collection sets are NOT available:

    1. E-books that fall in this category could be from on open-source website like Gutenberg-E or a subscription-based electronic resource like Medieval Sources Online.
    2. Monthly quota: Bib Access will catalog up to 15 e-books from databases/websites per month.
      1. Three different options of this e-book category:
        1. Requesting whole e-book database/websites.
          • If contains 15 or less e-books, it will take one month to catalog.
          • If there are more than 15 e-books, it will take multiple months to catalog. No new requests will be honored until the cataloging for the original request is completed.
            Ex. An e-book database with 75 e-books would take 5 months to catalog.
          • To go to the E-book Request 1 request form click here.
        2. Requesting certain titles from the same database/website but not the complete database/website.
          • Can request up to 15 titles at a time to be cataloged.
          • To go to the E-book Request 2 request form click here.
        3. Requesting e-books from different databases/websites.
          • Can request up to 15 titles at a time to be cataloged.
            Ex. A request to catalog 5 e-books from Gutenberg-e, 5 e-books from Medieval Sources Online, and 5 e-books from A&A Wonderland.
          • To go to the E-book Request 3 request form click here.
    3. It will be the responsibility of the requester to notify Bibliographic Access of any additions to a previously cataloged e-book database/website, if the requester wants these additions cataloged.

  3. Individual NetLibrary, Ebrary, or other vendor e-books purchased through YBP:

    1. Bib Access members will perform copy cataloging of records received from PromptCat, Ebrary, or other e-book vendor.
    2. Bib Access receives notifications from Acquisitions for this type of e-book.



[1]Vassiliou, Magda and Jennifer Rowley, “Progressing the definition of �e-book',” Library Hi Tech 26, no. 3 (2008): p. 363.