E-book Databases/Websites Request

E-book Databases/Websites Request

You will need to select one of the following categories and fill out the request form. Bibliographic Access will catalog up to 15 e-books from databases/websites per month. Before completing the form make sure that you know what category your e-book request falls under. To read Bibliographic Access's complete policy on e-books, please go here.

If you already know that a collection set of bib records exists for the e-books you are requesting please fill out this Vendor MARC form.

E-Book Databases/Websites Categories

  1. Requesting whole e-book database/website

    • If database/website contains 15 or less e-books, it will take one month to catalog.
    • If there are more than 15 e-books, it will take multiple months to catalog. No new requests will be honored until the cataloging for the original request is completed.
    • Fill out E-book Request 1 request form.

  2. Requesting certain titles from the same database/website but not the complete database/website

    • Can request up to 15 titles at a time to be cataloged.
    • Fill out E-book Request 2 request form.

  3. Requesting e-books from different databases/websites

    • Can request up to 15 titles at a time to be cataloged. For example, you can request to have 5 e-books from Gutenberg-E, 5 e-books from Medieval Sources Online, and 5 e-books from Sports and Leisure to be cataloged.
    • Fill out E-book Request 3 request form.