Cataloging Church-State Studies Books

Bib Record:

  • Location code: csrc (Church-State Research Center)

Item Record:

  • Scan a barcode and place it along the outer edge of the inside front cover of the book
  • Location codes:

    • csgen (Church-St Gen Coll), books measuring 28 cm and under

    • csovz (Church-St OVZ), books measuring over 28 cm

  • ICode2: Enter your unique code for printing spine labels
  • IType: 1 (non-circulating)
  • Enter the price of the item found on the order slip into the Price field
  • Status:

    • p (in processing)

    • If the item needs to be sent to preservation, change the status to r (in repair) and include a staff note with the date the item was sent to preservation and your initials (ex: Sent to preservation 9-26-2007 jb)

    • The status should be set to o (lib use only) once the item has been completely processed

  • Add a gift note, if necessary: year Gift: Name of Donor

OPTION: Create an item template to prevent the frequent rekeying of item record information. See Preferences and Settings: Customizing Your Millennium Module.

Order Record:

  • Enter the current date in the CDATE field in the order record. This will remove the statement “1 copy being processed for Church-St General Coll" from the BearCat public display.

Physical Processing:

  • Spine labels:

    • Print spine labels

    • Attach spine labels and spine label protectors to the spines of the books

    • If a book’s spine is too narrow for the spine label, place the label in the top left-hand corner of the book’s front cover

    • If the book has a book jacket, remove the book jacket, place it inside the book, and send it back to Church-State along with the cataloged book

  • Bookplates:

    • Attach a J.M. Dawson Church-State Research Center bookplate to the inside front cover of the book. If text or an image is on the inside front cover of the book, place the bookplate on the next available blank page or tip the bookplate in if this can be done without obscuring any text or images.

  • Order slips:

    • Place the order slip inside the book to be sent to Church-State

  • Book run:

    • Pack books for shipping in the weekly book run

Document created 10/13/2008; last updated 5/14/2009