Classifying Baylor Theses & Dissertations

The classification system used for Baylor master's theses, dissertations, senior theses and honors papers is an adaptation from Library of Congress Classification. The class number is assigned based on the department issuing the paper (see Classification Scheme by Academic Department below). The department is listed on the committee signature page.

Masterís theses: [Class no.] Dissertations: [Class no.]
.B38 .B382
[Year of issue] [Year of issue]
[Cutter for author] [Cutter for author]

Senior theses: [Class no.] Honors papers: [Class no.]
.B381 .B383
[Year of issue] [Year of issue]
[Cutter for author] [Cutter for author]

Exception: When a copy of a non-Museum Studies thesis or dissertation is to be housed at Mayborn Museum, the item should be classed according to its subject matter (e.g., a thesis on the history of McLennan County would be classed in F392.M2 rather than D6 for history department theses).

Classification Scheme by Academic Department

Accounting HF5606
American Studies E53
Anatomy QM71
Asian Studies DS44
Biochemistry QP509
Biology QH311
Biomedical mats. R856.4
Biomedicine R856
Botany QK81
Business HF506
Chemistry QD39
Church-State BV629
Communication Disorders RC423
Communication Studies PN4121
Computer Science HF5548
Dentistry RK66
Economics HB31
Education LB7
Endodontics RK351
Engineering and Computer Science QA76
Engineering Science TA6
English PN35
Environmental Studies QH541
Fine Arts NX620
French PC2073
Geology QE35
Gerontology HQ1061
Graduate Statistics HA29
Greek PA229
History D6
Hospital Admin. RA962
Immunization QR181
Information Resources Mgmt. T58.64
Journalism PN4722
Latin PA2063
Mathematics QA7
Medicine R111
Microbiology QR6
Museum Studies AM7
Music ML64
Nursing RT41
Orthopaedics RK721
Pathology RB6
Pedodontics RK66
Periodontology RK301
Pharmacology RS41
Philosophy B29
Physical Education GV201
Physics QC71
Physiology QP71
Political Science JA71
Prosthodontics RK651
Psychiatry RC435
Psychology BF38
Religion BL48
Seminary BX6219
Slavic Studies DK17
Sociology HM73
Spanish PC4703
Surgery RD11
Theater Arts PN2020
Zoology QL81

Document created January 1987; revised July 2008