Cataloging Print Theses & Dissertations (also available in electronic form)

The following procedures apply to print theses and dissertations that are also available in electronic form (ETD) in BearDocs. Bibliographic records for the print form should be derived from the bibliographic records for the ETDs once those records have been made available in OCLC.

*Note: dissertations use the signature page as the main source of information.

  • Search OCLC Connexion for the bibliographic record for the electronic form of the thesis or dissertation.

  • Derive a new record from the record for the electronic form by choosing Derive under the Edit menu.

Make the following changes to the Fixed Fields:

  • Change Type to "t"

  • Change ELvI (Encoding Level) to "I"

  • Change Form to blank

  • Change DtSt to "t" and add the copyright date

  • Change Ctry to "txu"

Make the following changes, additions, and/or deletions to the fields listed below:

050 _4

  • Add: LC call number


  • Add: subfield |e author.


  • Delete: subfield |h [electronic resource]

  • Add: subfield |c [faculty supervisor/committee chairperson/etc. : [name]].


  • Add: copyright symbol and date


  • Change: p. (pages) to leaves in subfield |a

  • Add: the item's dimensions in subfield |c

  • Delete: any additional 300 fields (bytes)


  • Change: 337 unmediated |b n

  • Change: 338 volume |b nc


  • Change: p. (pages) to leaves if the item contains bibliographical references


  • Delete: 540 field (Terms of Use and Reproduction)


  • Delete: 538 (Mode of Access)


  • Add: [supervisor name], |e degree supervisor.


  • Add: Baylor University. |b [Department name].
  • Add: Baylor University, |e degree granting institution.

776 08

  • Add: |i Online version: |a Main entry. |t Title. |w OCLC #

Place the 5XX note fields in the following order: 502, 520, 504

Once the bibliographic record for the print form of the thesis or dissertation is exported to Sierra, make the following local additions:

Bibliographic Record:


*Note: all Church-State theses and dissertations are now housed in Moody Library.

  • moody (Moody Library) or

  • strec (Mayborn Museum) or

  • texas (Texas Collection)



Item Record:


  • mlgen (Moody Library General) or

  • stgen (Mayborn General) or

  • txgen (Texas Collection General)


  • Enter your unique code for printing spine labels and shelflist cards


  • 2 (Circulating)


  • For Texas Collection: o (Library Use Only)

  • For Moody and Mayborn: - (Available)

Gift note

  • year Gift: Name of student

Physical Processing:

  • Bookplates

    • Church-State: Add a J.M. Dawson Church-State Research Center bookplate to the inside front cover of the item.

    • Mayborn: Staff will add their own bookplate when the thesis is received.

  • Barcodes

    • Moody: Place the barcode on the rear cover in the top right corner.

    • Mayborn: Place the barcode along the outer edge of the inside front cover of the thesis or dissertation.

    • Texas Collection: Place the barcode on a Texas Collection slip/bookplate and tip it in the inside front cover of the thesis or dissertation.

  • Spine labels

    • All locations: Spine labels should be placed along the spine of the book. When the spine is too narrow for the spine label, place the spine label in the upper left-hand corner of the item's front cover.

Document created 6/5/2008; last updated 4/11/2016.