Newly Revised Added Copies Workflow Procedure

Background information:

Previously, added copies were handled exclusively by two specific cataloging specialists who would check the shelflist for the next copy number in the sequence on the shelflist card. With the new added copy workflow, everyone in Bibliographic Access should be able to add additional copies to a bibliographic record.

New practice:

When cataloger determines that the item in hand is an added copy, s/he should follow the steps below:

  1. Consult MilCat record and see how many copies currently are associated with the item
  2. Add appropriate copy number based on next number in sequence (e.g., if c.2 is highest copy number currently in MilCat, then assign item c.3). Note: Make sure that the items in this sequence are located in Moody/Jones. The special collections maintain their own copy number sequence.
  3. Copy number should be added at the end of the 090 on the item record, not in the copy number fixed field.
  4. Transcribe full copy enumeration without spacing (i.e., c.2, not c.[space]2)

Additional considerations:

  • In the event that additional copies not represented in BearCat should be discovered on the shelves during inventory, the copy number for the item will need to be adjusted based on the sequence on the MilCat record.
  • A note about gift books: Gift books marked as added copies should be carefully reviewed to verify that they are actually added copies as a number of these books do not match the bib record they have been attached to.

Document created 6/4/08