Procedures for Adding New Web Sites

The following steps must be completed before creating new Web sites under the umbrella of the University Libraries. (Note: these steps do not apply to any pages added as dependent or “child” pages to existing Library Web sites.)

1. Complete and submit the form below. This form will help the Library Web Advisory Committee (LWAC) know how you plan to use the site, what information will be found there, who will be responsible for updating the site, etc.

2. The LWAC will review your application and determine if the site may be created as described, or if the site could use additional information or other changes before approval.

3. An LWAC committee member will inform you of the committee’s decision. On approval, you will then be able to proceed with creating the page.

Following these steps will ensure that all new Library Web sites will be useful, informative, and routinely updated.

New Web Site Information Form

Name of Unit/Group:

Who will maintain/update this site?:

Approximate number of pages:

What is the site’s purpose? Include target audience, resources to be offered, why this information won’t fit onto an existing page, etc.:

Are there any special needs required for this site (i.e. templates, interactive elements, etc.)?

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