Submission Guidelines for Library Spotlights, News and Events

Spotlights are used to promote library services, programs, exhibits and events. They appear on the bottom of the Library home page in a rotating que.

If you would like to promote a new service, event, etc., contact the Library Advancement Office to schedule Spotlight space. After a schedule is determined, please submit the following:
• A graphic to be incorporated into the Spotlight and used as a thumbnail
• The title and text for the Spotlight (which entices the reader to click and learn more)
• The text for a short article that provides more information.

News stories are used to provide our clients with up-to-date information and to promote the great things going on in the libraries. If you have a story to share, please contact the Library Advancement Office. If you need help writing the article, they can help you. All stories submitted for posting are edited for AP style and grammar.

There are many library events throughout the year, some intentionally small and others hopefully large. You may use the Libraries Events page to promote your event and "get the word out" so attendance will be just what you want. If you do not have access to create events in the CMS, submit your event information to the Library Advancement Office. Be sure to include a few persuasive lines and a summary of the event so people will be enticed to come.