Renewal Decision Form for Collection Development

To help standardize the information needed for collection development decisions, Acquisitions staff should forward this form to Ramona McKeown (with copies to Beth Farwell and Andrea Turner) for decisions regarding renewal.

The form should be used for all subscription renewals requiring approval by the Collection Development Committee (CDC). This includes electronic resources and other (non-electronic) resources that cost over $1,000. The form may also be used for resources costing less than $1,000 as appropriate. (Note: individual electronic journals generally are excluded. CD-ROM and DVD materials are also excluded unless the price is over $1,000.)

Ramona will forward the information on to the CDC (or other appropriate consultant) and get back to Acquisitions with the decision.

Title / Author (if any):

Format (print/online/microform etc.):

III b number:


Previous Year's Price:

Current Price:

Decision needed by: (date)