Acquisition Unit Services

In the early 1960s, the Baylor Libraries established a publications exchange program with other universities and institutions throughout the United States and extending to many foreign countries including Brazil, France, Japan and Russia. Acquisitions administers this exchange program that involves mailing two Baylor publications, "Baylor Business Review" and "Baylor Geological Studies," to these institutions. In exchange, the Baylor Libraries receive one or more publications from the schools participating in the program. These materials can be found throughout the Baylor Libraries and are available for study, research, and reference.

•Giveaway Books
Since donors have specified purposes for donations as educational or denomination, Baylor faculty, staff, and students may take up to 20 books per weekly visit and should be prepared to show ID upon request. Persons who are not current faculty, staff, or students will not be permitted to take from the giveaway shelf unless approved by the Acquisitions Librarian. Persons must be prepared to provide full name, connection to Baylor, if any, address, phone number, and statement of need that includes the names of schools, churches, libraries, or other organizations that will receive the material. The gifts and special purchaes coordinator will contact persons by phone or by mail once the approval is given.

New Location for Giveaway Books: In an effort to better serve our patrons, giveaway books are now located on shelves at the ground level of the Moody Library main stairwell, directly across from the BookCrossing shelves.