Forms of ID accepted for checkout

  1. Staff (including student employees) will check out to anyone with:
    1. a Baylor ID (associated with an active BearCat record)
    2. a valid, government-issued photo ID that matches an active record in BearCat
    3. a current Baylor Alumni Association card
    4. a current TexShare card (unless client has a blocked account in BearCat)
  2. Staff may check out to Baylor clients they know by sight without requiring an ID. Student employees at the Main Circulation Desk need to consult with the desk supervisor before performing this function. Student employees at the Crouch Fine Arts desk may perform this function without consulting a supervisor.
  3. If a client does not have an appropriate ID and the staff member does not know the client's name on sight the staff member may not check out items to the client. Verifying identity by asking the client to confirm specific information in his/her BearCat account in NOT permitted as an alternative.
Effective 5 October 2005