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OneSearch is a discovery resource that provides a single place to search most of the content available from the Baylor University Libraries, including:

  • the BearCat online catalog (books, journal titles, media, etc.);
  • the Baylor Digital Collections;
  • BEARdocs, (electronic theses and dissertations, honors theses, technical reports, faculty publications, etc.);
  • research guides; and -- most importantly,
  • much of the full text content to which the Baylor Libraries subscribe from a wide variety of sources.

OneSearch does not replace the myriad of subject-specific databases to which the Baylor Libraries subscribe; it will supplement and complement these resources.


BearCat is the traditional library catalog for materials -- print, media, digital, etc. -- available from the Baylor Libraries and provides the option for more focused searches (author, title, subject, etc.) for these materials. Although it will identify that the Baylor Libraries own specific databases or e-journals, it will not search the content of those databases or e-journals.


Use this finding tool to identify specific databases to which the Baylor Libraries has access. You can search for specific resources by title or keywords, browse alphabetically, or select a subject that fits your research interest.


Use this finding tool to identify specific e-journal titles to which the Baylor Libraries has access. You can search for specific titles, browse alphabetically, or browse through the subject categories. This resource will not identify print journal titles that are available in the Baylor Libraries. Use BearCat or OneSearch to see if we have print copies of journals in our collections.


Use this resource to find class resource guides, subject guides, and useful "how-to" guides developed and maintained by library personnel.

Issue Report -- Electronic Resources

Use this form to report a problem you've encountered using any of these resources. Note that in OneSearch, you can use the Feedback link found at the top right side of the display to report issues with OneSearch. The more information you are able to provide, the easier it is for us to resolve the problem. If you provide your contact information, we will let you know when the problem has been resolved.