The Baylor Libraries and Student Activities have partnered to take current, future and prospective members of the Baylor family back to the roots of the university's most storied traditions with the summer exhibit
Baylor Traditions: Learn the Legacy.

Whether it's a seasoned Baylor alumnus discovering how the delicious Dr Pepper Hour originated, or an incoming freshman learning what exactly the slime cap is he or she will don come August, the Baylor Traditions exhibit features a wealth of "Did you know...?" moments for Bears of all ages.

The exhibit, which runs June 2012 through August 2012, is located in both Moody Memorial Library and the Bill Daniel Student Union Building.

In the libraries, the exhibit begins in Moody Library's concourse area and flows into the first-floor corridor that connects Moody and Jones Libraries before finishing near the entrance of Jones.

In the SUB, Student Activities features the same traditions as the Libraries using display cases and posters spread throughout the first and second floors. Student Activities will showcase specific traditions originated in the Union Building including Dr Pepper Hour, All-University Sing, and Pigskin.

Traditions featured include:

  • All-University Sing & Pigskin Revue
  • Homecoming
  • Aggie & Froggie Sticks
  • Bear Mascot & School Colors
  • Golden Wave Band
  • Fight Song & That Good Old Baylor Line
  • Sic 'em & the Bear Claw
  • Baylor Line
  • Diadeloso
  • Immortal Ten
  • Dr Pepper Hour
  • Ring Out & the Passing of the Key
  • and more!

Stop by Moody Library or the SUB to visit Baylor Traditions today and Learn the Legacy of Baylor University.

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