Baylor’s institutional subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education, the leading news source for higher education, can now be accessed on the go! To read premium content from the Chronicle on your mobile device, create a free account by selecting the “Create a Free Account” link in the header of the Chronicle website using your Baylor e-mail address. If you already have an account that uses your Baylor e-mail address, you do not need to re-register. If you have an existing Chronicle account that uses a non-Baylor email address, you must create a new account based on your email address to access Baylor’s premium subscription to the Chronicle. Once you create your Baylor email-based account, follow the directions below to access the Chronicle from your mobile device:
  • From an iPad: Download the Chronicle’s free app for the iPad. Launch the app and touch the “Log In” button to sign-in and access the Chronicle and several other Chronicle publications.
  • From smartphones or tablets: Launch a web browser and visit Select “Log in” beneath the Chronicle header and sign-in to view premium content.
  • On any other computing device (laptop, desktop, etc.): Visit the Chronicle website and log in using your Baylor e-mail based account.
Enjoy keeping up with the Chronicle wherever you are! If you have any questions or problems, please contact