The Baylor University Libraries proudly present the "Art Inspired by a Thankful Soul" exhibit in the Goodpasture Concourse of the Moody Memorial Library beginning on Monday, January 9, 2012. This exhibit features works by Baylor students submitted as part of a juried competition held in Fall 2011.

Each piece reflects the artist's experience of Baylor University and spans a variety of media from photography to textiles to oil paintings. Several pieces from the "Art Inspired by a Thankful Soul" contest were featured in the Winter issue of Baylor Magazine (link) and several others are presented below. Make plans to visit the Moody Memorial Library to see the outpouring of thankfulness expressed through the brilliant works of art on display in this unique exhibit.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring"
Meredith Richey
Studio Art - Painting, Granbury, Texas

"This painting was inspired by the Johannes Vermeer painting,"Girl with a Pearl Earring." As an artist, I took the liberty of turning this classic painting into a cubist painting. I separated her face, body and background into different shapes and divisions. I wanted the viewer to look at the face of the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" and bounce between the different shapes that have been created. I used lights and darks next to each other to create depth in this painting."

"The Tides that Bind"
Katherine Vasquez
Studio Art - Painting, Spring, Texas

"I was inspired by the ocean and its ability to show beauty even in the storm. This is much like the difficult moments in our lives when God begs us not to abandon ship and to hold tight and trust. This piece needed trust in order to make it happen; my hand had to fel and move and create what has always been inside of me as a painter."

"Fish & Chips"
Hannah Lee
Studio Art - Painting, Shreveport, Louisiana

"I am passionately drawn to appreciating the "moment" - the split second details of memories we often dismiss. My grandfather remembers how much salt they put on the pig they roasted in their backyard as a child. My professor, Karl Umlauf, remembers the one time his father mentioned he wished he had tried to paint with his left hand more. In the Bible, John remembered that they caught 153 fish when they went fishing with Jesus in the Sea of Galilee. Everything is important. Painting is a gift. Over the past four years at Baylor, I have begun to understand how lucky and undeserving I am to have received it. "Fish & Chips" is painted with the concept of "the moment" in mind. Appreciating the past, the people in it and the details."

"BU Pride"
Karis Wade
Fashion Design, Broken Arrow, Texas

"The inspiration of this piece is drawn from all of my memorable experiences at Baylor University while wearing the hat (in the photograph). After each memorable event, I took a photo to add to an album with all of the other memories from that day. The first day of class, a football game, Line Camp, Move-In Day and my last "first Saturday" as a Senior at Baylor. All of these days held special importance to me, and in this collage I attempted to create the feelings from each event."

"Divine Transformation"
Kristen Eastland
Studio Art, Waco, Texas

"In this piece, I ventured to capture the surrender and loneliness of a transfer student through the figure's stance and position. As she stands unaccompanied, a substance from the sky falls upon her and makes her feel less alone; the drops fall and clothe her in a Baylor shirt. Through acrylic and wax, I completed this composition in hopes that the newer students might understand the divine placement, blessing and comfort I experienced in my "transformation" into a Baylor Bear."