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Your Commnets
Please send us your comments by completing our online form -- let us know whether we are meeting these goals and share your ideas for creating a better library.

Our Mission

The mission of the Baylor University Libraries is connecting people with ideas in support of teaching, learning, scholarship, and academic distinction.

Our goals are to create and maintain:

  • a friendly, world-class learning environment that is the center of academic life at Baylor;
  • a collection of information resources meeting the needs of scholars and creating international academic distinction; and
  • exceptional services in support of teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Responses to Your Comments

We take your comments, questions, and concerns seriously! We take share some comments with our Library/ITS Student Advisory Group to get their input. Below are our answers to some recent comments.

1. Noise in the library
Where can I find a quiet place to study in the library?

We are working to create better quiet study areas. Areas for group study are important, but we know that many students and faculty members come to the library as a place to do serious research without distractions. We have relabeled our study areas as "silent" (Prichard Commons, Moody 2nd fl.), "quiet" (Jones 2nd, Moody 2nd stacks, and Moody 3rd stacks), and "active" (other areas) -- see our Know Your Zone page for more information. We have also added more signage, increased our evening patrols, added a security cell phone you can call or text to report noise problems (254-265-2874). We've also opened many of the study carrels on Moody 2nd and 3rd for use as either first-come, first-served or day-use.

2. Use of the Jones 200 Flexible Learning Space at the end of the semester
I and some other students were just kicked out of the Jones 200 space for a class scheduled there. I wish there was a way to know in advance when the space isn't available. It's particularly frustrating at the end of the semester when study space is at a premium.

Jones 200 is a new and evolving space, and we are learning as we go along. We have mounted printed calendars, which we update each week, to show when the space is in use. We hope to use some digital signage in the future to make this information more visible.

We also made an immediate change after we received your comment. That class slipped through our scheduling process. We have since blocked off Jones 200 on our calendar for the remainder of the semester, and plan to do the same for the last two weeks of each semester, so that the space is available for studying.

3. Why is it so cold/hot in the library?
Right now the temperature in ___ is so cold/hot that I would need a parka/bikini to be comfortable.

We feel your discomfort - literally! Our buildings are large, and have complex and in some ways dated heat, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We work closely with Facilities Services to let them know when we notice things going awry. We try to keep the temperature in public spaces at 72 degrees (F), plus or minus a few degrees. Sometimes a valve gets stuck, a sensor fails, or our supply of chilled or heated water (used to regulate air temperature) is cut off.

If you notice a problem with the temperature, we've probably already turned in a work order to get it adjusted, but in case we haven't, please send us an email at