Library Information for Chairs of Academic Departments

Start with Your Consultant

Set up an appointment your Library Consultant -- Each academic unit has a librarian assigned as its Library Consultant. She or he can help you with just about any question you have about library services and academic technology.

Chair Responsibilities

  • Assign a faculty member to be the department's Library Liaison. Each academic department at Baylor is asked to identify a faculty member to work with their Library Consultant. The faculty Liaison will assist the Consultant with development of the collection. The Liaison also serves as a conduit of information between the University Libraries and the faculty of the department.

Library Materials Budget

General information

The departmental library materials budget is a sub-account under the University Libraries' budget. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Libraries allocate funds for each academic department based on historical spending patterns, the overall percentage increase for library materials received from the University, price trends in the field, size of programs, number of students and faculty, etc. Within its allocation, each academic department is responsible, in collaboration with its Library Consultant, for selecting journals, books, and other resources that best support its teaching and research interests. All materials purchased should fit within the selection criteria articulated in the collection development policy.

For more information regarding your allocation or for general library budget questions, contact your Library Consultant or the Collection Development Librarian, Ramona McKeown

Growing your budget

There are several ways to help increase the funds available for library materials in your field. Please work with your Library Consultant to determine the amount and to identify possible titles when you...

  • Request faculty positions: All faculty position requests (new and replacement) should include an appropriate amount of annual funding for library resources in the request. This will ensure that the Libraries are able to support the teaching and research needs of this faculty member if the position is approved.
  • Develop new programs: All new programs requests should include an appropriate amount of annual funding for library resources in the request.
  • Apply for grants: All grant applications for projects that will require library materials should include an appropriate funding request.
  • Create an endowment: Give your friends a way to help. Consider collaborating with your development officer, the library development officer, and your Consultant in the creation of a library materials endowment.
  • Request additionl funding: The Libraries have successfully partnered with a number of academic units to secure additional University funding for special needs. Work with your Consultant and our Collection Development area to set up a project in the University's strategic planning system.