Visualization Studio

The VizWall is a 20x4 foot, high resolution screen located in the GRC’s Visualization Studio. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and faculty researchers and presenters a platform to pursue scholarship in new ways with the help of our Digital Scholarship Librarians.

The VizWall is made up of twelve 46-inch 1080P displays and is equivalent to three 4k displays (totaling 24,883,200 pixels). Users may 1) use the provided Mac Pro to display an extended desktop over the entire wall, 2) use multiple external sources such as laptops, or 3) display a combination of the provided Mac Pro, PC, and user devices.

The VizWall is a powerful tool in 4 key ways:

  1. Large amounts of data can be considered at one time without any bits of data being hidden off screen. For example, view thousands of rows of data on a spreadsheet without scrolling.
  2. Magnified detail can be experienced within the context of the “big picture.” On a standard size display, one has to choose to either zoom in to look closely at a detail or zoom out to get context - on the VizWall, one can do both! Look at every part of an art piece, for example, at scale and in context.
  3. Many different things can be compared at full size on one wall simultaneously (even from different sources).
  4. New digital methods of pedagogy can be discovered and developed. For example, work from multiple class groups can be displayed side-by-side for comparison and modification and additional visual aids and on-screen demonstrations can be displayed alongside presentation slides.

A Digital Scholarship librarian is available to meet with those using the room to introduce the technology and/or assist with making presentations that work best with the wall.