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Help out by providing recordings
Do you have any records that should be part of the collection? Are you interested in donating or loaning materials? If so, please read about donating or loaning materials for the project.

Tell us what you know
Do you have information about the music, the musicians, or any cultural context for the materials? Did you ever hear these musicians perform? Did you know any of them? Do you have any information that can lead us to them, or to their families?

To restore and preserve this music means more than the technical aspects of music reproduction; it also means restoring and preserving the contexts in which this music was made, the contexts that deepen the understanding of its importance and that help us to develop our appreciation of its beauty and wonder. Providing and sharing that information will strengthen the project and its cultural importance. Share any information, suggestions, questions, or concerns on the project's Interest/Comments page.

Financial support
The Black Gospel Music Restoration Project is made possible by men and women with a zeal for preserving history. Your support will help the project continue its important work. All donations are used solely to support the work of the project. Two funds have been established to support the project: