Loan or Donate Materials

Forms and Documents
Program participants must read and complete the following forms:

Donation Form

Loan Conditions Form

Interested in donating or loaning materials to the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project? Read below for details on how you can participate in this unique project.

Digital-file format option for donated and loaned material: The collection's discs are digitized and a high-resolution audio file is created. For rare, damaged or fragile materials we may provide a preservation audio file for preservation purposes. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis by our audio engineer.

Procedure for loaning material to The Black Gospel Music Restoration Project:

  1. The collector and appropriate staff agree upon the value of the current shipment so the materials can be appropriately insured.

  2. Our shipping address is:
    Black Gospel Music Restoration Project
    ATTN: Libby Shockley
    Baylor University Libraries
    1312 S 3rd Street
    Waco, TX 76706

  3. The collector MUST read and sign the Loan Conditions Form or the Donation Form, and include the appropriate form in the shipment, and seal the shipping box.

  4. The collector delivers the package to a UPS location and provides our account number. The materials are weighed, shipped and we are billed.