Audiovisual Materials

All Crouch Library audiovisual items are located at the Service Desk. You can save time by providing the call numbers for items that you want to check out.

Remember to check location and availability. In the online catalog, items that are checked out will show the STATUS "DUE 00-00-00"; available items will show the STATUS "Available."

If you are searching for an item and having trouble, please ask a staff member for help.


Music Recordings

We have many thousands of music recordings, spanning all time periods and styles. Whether you're brushing up for a music history course or just listening for enjoyment, you'll find a lifetime worth of music here. Some recordings are available online anywhere, some are for Library use only, and others can be checked out for listening at home. The Crouch Library's Listening/Viewing Center is equipped for playing music in all of the formats we offer.

To search for a music recording:

  • In BearCat, do an Advanced Keyword Search, using words in the title and a performer's name if known. Below the search boxes, use the Material Type limit to choose an audio format, such as "CD (AUDIO)." The "AUDIO (OTHER)" limit is mostly used for LP vinyl recordings. Note that access to online recordings is limited in BearCat; some providers are represented, such as Naxos and DRAM, but even those collections are incomplete.

To find more music recordings available online:



Hundreds of audiobooks available on CD for check-out. Many more can be found online in the Naxos Spoken Word Library or one of the other databases in the Electronic Resources Directory.

To search for an audiobook:

  • Use OneSearch, combining the author's name or words from the title with "audiobooks." If desired, limit your results to one or more Content Types such as Compact Disc (CD) or Spoken Word Recording (used for online audiobooks delivered through a web browser).

To browse a list of audiobooks:

  • Use BearCat's Advanced Keyword search and enter "audiobooks" in the search box. Below, limit the Location to "Crouch Music/Fine Arts."  On the results page, you can sort by title (something that you cannot do in OneSearch) or by date.  Click on the titles in your search results for more information and to check availability.
  • Note that only a handful of the online audiobooks have records in BearCat; use OneSearch to find more, or use the Electronic Resources Directory to go directly to a provider's website.



The Crouch Fine Arts Library provides a wide array of video materials , including documentaries, feature films, educational programs, and musical performances. Some of these are available online, while others are available for check-out on DVD, Blu-ray, or VHS.

For Online Videos

  • To see available collections, go to the video list in the Electronic Resources Directory. Links and brief descriptions are provided there.

  • Use OneSearch to search for thousands of individual titles. To see all of the online videos in your search results, choose two Content Types: Streaming Video and Video Recording.

  • A small number of online videos can be discovered in BearCat, but OneSearch provides much better access.

For Videos in Physical Formats

All physical format videos can be discovered in BearCat or OneSearch. Viewing equipment is available in the Crouch Library for all of our different formats.

To search:

  • In BearCat, do an Advanced Keyword Search, using words in the title and a performer's name if known. NOTE: If you're looking specifically for movies, add "feature films" to your search terms. If you wish, use the Material Type limit to choose a format -- DVD (which includes Blu-ray), or Videocassette (VHS tape).

To browse:

  • In BearCat, select the Call Number search, then choose "Local." To see DVDs, enter "DVD"; for Blu-ray, enter "blu ray"; for videocassettes (VHS tapes), enter "VC."

  • To see a list of movies in any format, select the General Subjects search in BearCat and enter "feature films." Then click on any of the feature films headings to view an alphabetical list.