Manage Zoom Recordings in Canvas



***Cloud recordings will be automatically deleted after 180 days.  To avoid losing your recordings, be sure to download the recording before the 180 day expiration***

Instructors can view and manage their Zoom recordings within their course in Canvas.  To do this, begin by going to your course within Canvas and finding the Zoom link in course navigation.

*NOTE: You must first enable Zoom from within your course in Canvas.  To do this follow the instructions HERE.*

The Zoom dashboard will then open inside your Canvas course with any scheduled meetings displayed. Click on the 'Cloud Recordings' tab.

This page will show a list of your recordings - a recording will not show up until you have received an email indicating the recording is complete. If you aren't seeing a recording that should be listed, click the 'Search' button and it should appear.
From this page you can publish your recording for students to view, access the recording downloads, or delete the recording.