Using Video Conferencing

WebEx Meeting Center allows users to join meetings from traditional video conferencing system endpoints in addition to computers or mobile devices. Video conferencing systems cannot join WebEx Event Center webinars or WebEx Training Center sessions.

To allow video conferencing systems to dial into a WebEx Meeting Centre meeting, the meeting host will need to obtain the Video Address from inside the WebEx Meeting Info tab.  This tab can be accessed either while hosting a scheduled meeting or preparing a scheduled meeting in advance.  Hosts who will be using a video conferencing system to host a meeting will also need to know the Host Key.  Participants will not need the host key.

If you plan to host several events using a video conferencing system, you can also use a WebEx Personal Meeting Room. As the meeting host, you can access your Personal Meeting Room by clicking on the Account Settings link in Canvas. The benefit of using a personal room is that your meeting room address will always be permanently based on your Bear_ID.