Types of WebEx Sessions

There are three different type of WebEx sessions, and choosing which type to use depends upon the type of meeting you want to host:

Meeting Center (up to 250 participants) - Meeting Center is the traditional collaborative meeting solution designed to replicate a meeting room. It provides the ability to share applications or desktops and share video and voice for those attendees who have the capabilities to do so. Video conferencing systems can also connect to Meeting Center rooms.

Training Center (up to 1,000 participants) - Training Center is designed more like the classroom environment and can support up to 1000 participants. Not only can it provide the ability to share applications or desktops and voice and video, but it also provides the ability for participants to raise their hand to ask a question, participate in polls, and to breakout into smaller groups. 

Event Center (up to 3,000 participants) - Allows you to conduct webinars, all-hands meetings, project kick-offs, or press events online so that you can share documents and applications, and collaborate with others. Event Center is intended to primarily provide unidirectional (Presenter to participants) voice, video, and data presentation. Attendees in webinars interact with the presenter through text chat or a Q&A panel.

For a detailed description of each meeting type, please visit: