Getting Started

Step 1: Getting an Account in Webex

To begin using Webex, please request an account through the account request form or the Baylor ITS Help Desk at 254-710-HELP (x4357) or to have your new account created. Requests will be processed during normal business hours.

Webex User Account Request Form

Note:  Participants do not need to have accounts in order to participate in meetings.  A Webex account is only needed for the Baylor employee who is hosting the meeting.

Step 2: Adding Webex to Canvas

To use Webex, you’ll need to add the Webex link to your course navigation in Canvas. You can do that from inside any course by going to Settings > Navigation, activating Webex, and saving your new course navigation. If this is your first time launching Webex, you’ll have to wait a few seconds while your Canvas account is linked to all three of your Webex accounts (one for each Webex service). After that, any other time that you click on the Webex course navigation item, you’ll be able to schedule your meetings.

If you’ve already tried to open the Webex tool and were unable to link your account because you didn’t yet have a Webex account, simply open Webex in a Canvas course and click on the Account Settings link near the upper-right corner, then select Conferencing Accounts on the left. This will re-initiate the account linking process described above as if it were your first time using Webex.

IMPORTANT: If you do not already have a site in Canvas, you may request either a personal Demo Course site or an Organization site for your department or group by visiting these Request Forms.

Step 3: Scheduling Meetings

Once Webex has been added to your course navigation in Canvas, you can begin scheduling meetings simply by opening the Webex tool and clicking on the "Schedule" button and entering your meeting details.  If you are not sure which account type to select, you should choose Webex Meetings.  Users in your Canvas course will be able to join your meeting from the Webex course navigation link.

To allow users outside of Baylor or not in your Canvas course to access your meeting, click on the name of the meeting on your Event Calendar, then click on the Invite Guests icon below "More Details" and generate the link. You can then email that guest link to your meeting participants.  Anyone with the guest link will be able to successfully join your meeting simply by providing their name and email address.