Cisco WebEx

Accessible through the Canvas learning management system, Cisco WebEx offers synchronous, web-based, virtual classroom environments. Additional features include two-way audio and video, text chat, application and desktop sharing, and session recording.  WebEx meetings can also be accessed through traditional video conferencing-equipped rooms.

Within Canvas courses, WebEx may be used for study sessions, tutorials, office hours, group projects, guest lectures, and even full class sessions. Beyond the classroom, WebEx may be used by faculty and staff to conduct meetings, give presentations, or host online webinars.


WebEx Guides:

  • Setting Up a WebEx Account in Canvas (PDF)
  • Creating WebEx Meetings (PDF)
  • Adding WebEx Hosts to a Canvas Course (PDF)
  • Hosting WebEx Meetings from a Room System (PDF)
  • Hosting WebEx Meetings from a Computer (PDF)
  • Joining a WebEx Meeting (PDF)
  • Joining a WebEx Meeting from a Mobile Device (PDF)
  • WebEx Event Center - Hosting a Meeting (PDF)
  • WebEx Event Center - Joining as an Attendee (PDF)


WebEx User Documentation:

  • Faculty Guide for Canvas (PDF)
  • Participant Guide for Canvas (PDF)
  • Video Conferencing User Guide (PDF)


WebEx Video Tutorials:

  • Joining a WebEx Meeting Tutorial (VIDEO)
  • Welcome to Meeting Center (VIDEO)
  • Navigating the Meeting Center Window (VIDEO)
  • Join the Audio Conference with a Computer (VIDEO)
  • Displaying Live Video (VIDEO)
  • Hosting a Meeting and Sharing Materials (VIDEO)
  • Introduction to WebEx Mobile (VIDEO)
  • Using Q&A in Events (VIDEO)
  • Creating Polls (VIDEO)

Troubleshooting Problems

  • Configuration Room (HTML)
  • System Requirement (HTML)
  • Meeting Center Help Central (HTML)
  • Event Center Help Central (HTML)
  • Training Center Help Central (HTML)