Teaching Fellows Program

The Summer 2019 Fellows Application is closed.
Congratulations to Dan Hanchey and Kayla Rhidenour!

This summer, Online Teaching and Learning Services (OTLS) is offering 2 teaching fellowships to encourage the creation of quality online courses with the assistance of an instructional designer for use in Baylor graduate and undergraduate curricula. The fellowship is designated for full-time Baylor faculty members (which can include tenured and tenure-track faculty, regular lecturers, and senior lecturers)

Recipients of this teaching fellowship will receive a stipend of $1,000 and will be expected to spend at least one week (20 hours minimum) at the Jones Library where the recipient will be paired with an instructional designer who can provide guidance on the designing an online course, structuring content, choosing learning assessments, building interactivity and other areas related to creating an online course. The specific week chosen should be convenient to both the teaching fellow and his or her partner instructional designer and should occur before your summer course starts.

The fellow will also be expected to share their experience with other faculty and graduate students by presenting on their course and the instructional design process in either an OTLS offered seminar, one of the Academy for Teaching and Learning’s Seminars for Excellence in Teaching (SET) or another appropriate venue.  The fellow's course will also be used a "model" to be shared with other faculty as needed.

To apply, candidates should submit a curriculum vitae, a brief statement (1-2 pages) describing your proposed course, goals, & rationale for applying for the fellowship, and a previous sample syllabus.  Applicants should also agree to complete the hours and share the process and their results with other faculty.

Please submit these materials by May 10, 2019, using the online application form available by clicking this link.

Applications will be evaluated based on their potential to enhance teaching and learning and will be reviewed by the OTLS’s instructional designers. Recommendations will be sent to the Dean of University Libraries who will make the final decision. Recipients will be notified by before the end of May.

For additional information, contact Dr. Becky Sue Parton.