Collaborate System Requirements

As with any web-conferencing system, there are three basic prerequisites that must be met in order to have a successful Collaborate session:
  1. a working computer with Java installed,
  2. a working computer audio system with a headset or microphone/speakers,
  3. a reliable Internet connection.
Since all three of these requirements are your responsibility, be sure to join your session early to make sure that you are able to successfully connect to Collaborate and be prepared to make alternate arrangements if you run into any problems. Most sessions allow you to connect up to 60 minutes before the scheduled start time.

If you are a moderator wanting to practice and prepare to host your session, Baylor owns an unlimited license for Collaborate. Feel free to create practice sessions to become familiar with the system and to ensure that any remote participants are able to connect.

NOTE: Although it is not a common problem, connections behind some firewalls (military, corporate, or personal) may block your connection to Collaborate. If this is the case, please temporarily disable your personal firewall or talk to your network administrator about opening your connection to Collaborate. Instructions on configuring your firewall can be found at:

Detailed System Requirements

A complete list of the browser and operating system requirements can be found at: