About Online Teaching

The following suggested reading may be of interest to instructors and faculty members who are teaching online courses. Click on any of the following tabs in order to see corresponding current related articles and research.  There you will find tips and tools for best practices in course management, highly effective instruction, assessment, and other helpful strategies to utilize in an online environment. 

What about Blended Learning?
The following readings about blended learning may be of interest to instructors and faculty members seeking to include additional technology into their courses. 

Suggested Reading
The Basics of Blended Instruction (Tucker, 2013)
Blended Learning as Transformational Institutional Learning (VanDerLinden, 2014)
ELI Discovery Tool: Blended Learning Workshop Guide (Diaz & Strickland, 2009)
Global Blended Learning Practices for Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Development (Hilliard, 2015)
Transitioning to Blended Learning - Understanding Student and Faculty Perceptions (Napier, Dekhane, & Smith, 2011)

Strategies to Consider Implementing
Blended Learning: Integrating Online and Face-to-Face Courses (Kelly, 2013)
Formative Assessment: The Secret Sauce of Blended Success (Dreon, 2014)
Strategies for Teaching Blended Learning Courses, Maybe You (and Your Students) Can Have It All (Bart, 2009)
Using Blended Learning to Transform the Classroom Experience (Shibley, 2011)