Presentation Capture Guide

CaptureSpace is a tool for creating video and screencast presentations for viewing online. CaptureSpace is available to all users in the Canvas LMS.


For a quick overview:  Video overview of CaptureSpace

For a detailed guide: CaptureSpace User Guide


Tips for using CaptureSpace

  • If using a PowerPoint presentation, be sure to upload the presentation file through CaptureSpace. A chapter will be automatically created for each slide and the text on the slide will be searchable for viewers. Slides can be modified even after your content has been uploaded.
  • If recording a longer lecture, try to break up your material into segments no longer than 15 minutes. If you do not wish to break up the material, use slide text and chapters to make your content searchable and more easily accessible for review.
  • Students often prefer to see their instructor along with the presentation material. Use a webcam to capture yourself talking to camera.
  • Allow your natural enthusiasm to come across in the video. Enthusiasm translates into more engaging video content.
  • If using multiple cameras along with a PowerPoint presentation, know that viewers will only be able to view one video feed at a time alongside your PowerPoint slides.