Upload Grades Into Blackboard

WARNING: This upload process will overwrite any previous grade uploads that you have done for this course. All non-uploaded gradebook items (if any) will remain unchanged. However, please make sure that your third-party gradebook assignment names do not match the names of any gradebook items that might already be in the Blackboard gradebook (such as online quizzes). If the names conflict, the Blackboard gradebook items will be overwritten with your gradebook application's grades.

This page contains instructions for uploading gradebooks from the following applications into Blackboard using the "Upload Grades" course tool:

Steps for Excel users:

  1. Please download this template, paying attention to the notes within.
  2. After entering the data, save the file as a tab-delimited text file.
  3. Upload this file to Blackboard.

Steps for Easy Grade Pro users:

Uploading EGP gradebooks into Blackboard requires the same template as the process for uploading Excel gradebooks.

  1. Please download the template for Excel users, paying attention to the notes within, and save it to your computer.
  2. Next, you will export grades from EGP to a Microsoft Excel format:

    • Open EGP and open the desired course.
    • Select “File” from the upper left-hand corner and then click “Export.”

    • In the “Export” box select the “Other Formats” tab and then select “New.”

    • Name the new format (probably something like "EGP to Blackboard").

    • Now you have to choose the fields you would like to export. Start by selecting the “ID” field from the left hand column. It should be the first field you choose. Once it is highlight, click “Copy-->”.

    • Now choose the other fields you would like to export by repeating the last step. (The field“Category” followed by a number corresponds to the same category in your Gradebook view.)
    • Once you have chosen all the fields you wish to export, click “Done.”

    • Make sure the appropriate Export Format is chosen (the one you just created) and click“Export.”

    • An export preview will appear. You should see all of the fields you chose to export displayed in columns with rows of corresponding grades. Once you are satisfied, click “Export Records.”

    • Click “Save” to save the text file. (Make sure to make note of the name of the file and where it is being saved.)

  3. Copy and paste your grades from the text file you just created into the Excel template you downloaded in step #1, making sure you follow the instructions in the template. Be sure to save the file as a tab-delimited text file.
  4. Upload the file to Blackboard.

You may also download these instructions for uploading EGP gradebooks into Blackboard (PDF).

Steps for MicroGrade users:

  1. Within MicroGrade, select the Reports >> Gradebook... menu option. You will see a screen like that below.
  2. Verify that ID is selected in the upper left-hand drop down list.
  3. You may export grades as a Grade Name, a Percent Score, or a Raw Score.
  4. You must export Assignments.
  5. You may export either Assignment Names or Assignment Abbreviations.
  6. You may check the Projected Scores Flag and/or Unscored Assignments if desired. Make sure none of the other boxes are checked.
  7. Select Disk in the Output To: drop down list.
  8. Click the OK button.
  9. Name the file and save it where you can find it again. Upload this file to Blackboard.

Additional Notes for MicroGrade Users:

  • The Student ID field in MicroGrade must be populated with the student's correct ID number (the number that appears on his/her student ID card).
  • This module has been tested and verified with versions 6.1.0, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, and 6.1.3 of MicroGrade. Other versions may be compatible, but are not guaranteed to be.
  • MicroGrade may be downloaded from this page.
  • Please make sure that there is no header defined for this gradebook report.
  • The Total and Weighted Total columns in the Blackboard gradebook are made unavailable to students by default. They will not see these columns unless you turn them back on manually.
  • The Points Possible field for each column in the Blackboard gradebook is set to 0 by default.
  • The Class Grades column is taken directly from MicroGrade and shows their total score and average.
  • If you have column names in your import file that match the names of the default Blackboard gradebook calculated fields (such as 'Running Total' or 'Running Weighted Total') they will be ignored.