Importing Rosters into Easy Grade Pro

NOTE: You may also download these instructions.
  1. Downloading student data from ClassRoll:

    • Login to ClassRoll at:
    • Select the Desired Term from the first drop-down box.
    • Your courses will be listed at the bottom of the page. Select the "Easy Grade Pro File" link to the right side of the appropriate course.
    • Make sure the "Save File" option is selected in the dialog box that appears and click "OK."
    • Most web browsers will download the text file to your Downloads folder. Make sure you can find the file on your computer before trying to import it into EGP (below).

  2. Importing student data into EGP:

    • Open EGP and click "Create a New Gradebook."
    • Name the gradebook and select "Save."

    • Select "Import Classes" from the Guide Me box.

    • Select the "Easy Import" of Students and click the Next button.

    • Add your class name and select the term.

    • Select your .txt file and open.

    • Name your format (such as "Standard").
    • Next you must identify the student name fields from the data file you are importing. To do this, locate the name fields on the left side of the chart (these are from the data file) and select the corresponding gradebook field (such as First Name) from the drop-down box to the right side.

    • When you have identified the first and last name fields and the ID field click the Next button.

    • Preview your import and click the line with the column headings (Last/First/ID) so that the line is no longer highlighted. Then click "Import Records."

    • Click "Done."

    • The program will ask if you want to import again. If you do not need to add another class, click "no."
    • You should be able to see your students on the first column of the gradebook.