Clickers - Student Response System

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Student Response Systems (also known as 'clickers')

use wireless radio frequency or wi-fi for communication with the polling software. It gives instructors and students immediate feedback from the entire class and automates routine classroom activities like taking attendance and grading student work.

A response device, a receiver, and software are used to capture instant data from your students. The system is portable and easy to integrate into any classroom. The student response devices (or clickers") are small, hand-held devices that allow students to answer questions or show attendance. Students can also use their smart device or laptop to respond.

As our "preferred" vendor, Turning Technologies has provided us discounted pricing, benefits, and excellent support. We will work closely with Turning Technologies, faculty, and students to implement the technology into the classroom. If you are already using another classroom response system, you may continue to do so. We offer the ability to import/export data to/from Canvas using our preferred vendor Turning Technologies. This includes importing Canvas student rosters directly to your student response system and exporting classroom response system session data and grades to Canvas.

Students can purchase response devices and licenses at the Baylor Bookstore or the Turning Technologies Online Store. Students will be required to purchase a license to use their device in the classroom. For more information on Student ResponseCards please see Instructor Resources on the side of this page. Every faculty member who chooses to use Turning Technologies receives a free test kit that includes a receiver unit for use in the classroom, a ResponseCard, and documentation to help assist you in the integration process.

We also offer ResponseWare, which allows students to use their mobile devices as Response Devices. The ResponseWare app can be downloaded from the Apple or GooglePlay stores. A license is required to use the app in class. Licenses can be purchased from the Baylor Bookstore or the Turning Technologies Online Store.

Getting Started

If you are interested in using "clickers" in your classroom, please follow this guide to get started, or contact CTS by email at

On-Campus Support

Baylor University offers technical support for faculty, staff, and students. Students can visit the HelpDesk+ desk, or contact them by email at or by phone at 254-710-TECH. Faculty and staff, please contact CTS by email at or by phone at 254-307-1614. Support is also available free of charge through Turning Technologies or by calling 866-746-3015.