Recommendations for Teaching During Campus Disruptions

Online Technology Resources
Learn more about using online technology to teach your course.
With the possibilities of campus disruptions due to factors ranging from natural disasters to health emergencies, faculty should consider the implications of teaching their courses online in the event students are discouraged or prevented from coming to campus.

Possible Considerations for Faculty:

  1. Discuss with your students methods you could employ to continue the course with online technologies in the event the class cannot meet.
  2. Do an informal survey of your students to learn their preferred method of communication, and learn to use that technology as part of a plan to communicate with them if a campus disruption occurs.
  3. Speak with your students to generate a plan for accepting make-up work, taking into account any accommodations you may have to make to treat all students fairly.
  4. Faculty should be aware of how to post a syllabus to their course in Canvas and be familiar with the communication tools within Canvas.
  5. Review the links on this page to become familiar with technologies that may help Baylor continue its academic mission during a time of high-absenteeism.